Free Training Tuesday: 6 Case Studies From the World’s Smartest Brands

November 19, 2013 Comments

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Today’s video, Social Branding Strategies from the World’s Smartest Brands, walks through six major brand case studies and lays out the strategy, tools, and tangible results of these super successful campaigns. These best-of-breed campaigns exemplify many of the concepts covered in all three free training videos such as:

Co-creation: American Express and Small Business Saturday

Shared values and common purpose: The relaunch of Benetton with their ‘UnHate’ campaign

Celebrating the customer: Intel and the Museum of Me

Product demonstrations: Ubisoft’s Autodance app used to promote their Just Dance games

Shared experiences: Carling Black Label’s ‘Be the Coach‘ campaign

Rewarding engagement: charity:water’s Water Forward challenge

Finally, we wrap up this three-part free training series with  8 Key Community-Building Strategies you can apply to your business in 2014. We know that if you employ these winning tactics and principles, your brand can come out on top in an otherwise threatening marketplace.

Want more on-demand branding training? Check out our 8-Module Social Branding BlueprintWith over 20 hours of video/online training on the latest social media strategies, tactics, and tools, full transcripts, and an easy to use workbook, you’ll have everything you need to create your own customized marketing roadmap for 2014.


2 responses to “Free Training Tuesday: 6 Case Studies From the World’s Smartest Brands”

  1. joe sibilia says:

    this sounds really interesting. the headline caught my attention and the details are appealing.

  2. […] to clean water, fast changing social technologies and rising customer activism. In response, the smartest marketers are seeking to mitigate risk and build their reputations by putting their shoulder behind their […]


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