Purpose as a Survival Strategy in a Shrinking Economy

June 9, 2016 Comments Off on Purpose as a Survival Strategy in a Shrinking EconomyComments Off on Purpose as a Survival Strategy in a Shrinking Economy

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Many credible authorities are currently predicting that a downward market correction is fast approaching the global economy. As a result, we’re starting to see large companies prepare for the storm. The temptation is to quickly abandon purposeful efforts or investments and to double down on cost-cutting and other traditional recession basics. This talk will challenge attendees to consider the situation from another point of view. Given our unique cultural, technological and demographic environment, purpose is in fact the key to customer engagement, brand loyalty and sales. Only by activating purpose can brands maintain attention, loyalty and sales from consumers, or the productivity and engagement they need from their employees. What’s more, it’s purpose that will shore up the relevance of the company through a tougher economy and inspire a new generation of customers to support its brand. Purpose, sustainability and social impact are now key growth drivers and, as such, are sandbags against the rising economic storm. Learn how to activate purpose to protect your brand, its bottom line and its impact over the long term.

Reprinted from Sustainable Brands 2016.


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