Chris Crummey, World Wide Executive Director of Sales – Social Business, IBM, to speak at the We First Summit

September 18, 2014 Comments

There is no name more synonymous with social business than IBM and we are extremely fortunate that Chris Crummey will be sharing his expertise at the We First Brand Leadership Summit on Oct 7-8th in Los Angeles. Chris leads a …

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Unilever and the Integrity of Brand Storytelling

November 25, 2013 Comments

With the launch of Project Sunlight, Unilever has taken another leap forward towards what is increasingly recognized as the future of effective social marketing. Central to such leadership is the recognition that a brand needs to lead with its social …

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eBay: Rebuilding a Brand By Creating Economic Opportunity, Greener Commerce & Power Giving

July 3, 2013 Comments

I had no idea PaylPal processed $3.6B for charities last year, or that there are 850,000 live charitable listings on eBay on any given day. Like me, the majority of consumers may not realize what a purpose-driven company eBay Inc …

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BrandKarma: How customers rate and reward socially responsible brands

October 31, 2011 Comments

Today I wanted to write about the relaunch of BrandKarma, which I have mentioned before as one of the examples of platforms that empower customers to be mindful consumers, and therefore help to create a private sector that also functions …

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Beyond Google+: From circles to social cartography

July 27, 2011 Comments

One of the most fascinating aspects about the launch of Google+ is the way it reframes how we, as individuals, interact with our communities. As Brian Solis so rightly points out, the initial Facebook model of creating a single social …

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What Google+ means for brands

July 5, 2011 Comments

The launch of Google+ apps sends a powerful signal – the personalized web has begun. What this means is that the way information is structured and accessed will turn on the individual, or rather their personal profile which is a …

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‘Let Go & Lead': Leadership in the social business marketplace

June 27, 2011 Comments

I recently had the great pleasure of chatting with Maril MacDonald, CEO of Gagen MacDonald, who is spear-heading a truly exciting new leadership program called, ‘Let Go and Lead.’ Any transformative shift in the way business must start with new …

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Guy Kawasaki: The multifaceted benefits of an enchanting brand

May 23, 2011 Comments

SM: Hi I’m Simon Mainwaring, and today I have the pleasure of sitting here with Guy Kawasaki, who’s tenth book, Enchantment, was a real revelation to me because what he did was to personalize and explain how brands need to …

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