3 Reasons Why Vine Will Be Part of the Future of Social Marketing

March 13, 2014 Comments

Vine was launched way back in January of 2013, and since then its popularity has exploded across the social world. By April it had become the most downloaded app in the iOS store. What started as a fun and exciting …

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How Virgin Atlantic Just Gave Us a Master Class in Social Branding

November 13, 2013 Comments

Many brands are doing surprising work today but Virgin Atlantic is one that consistently captures the attention of not only the airline industry but the media landscape at large. Last week, they did this yet again with the launch of …

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Why caring is now the key to your brand’s success

February 6, 2012 Comments

No book could be more important or timely than Who Cares Wins by David Jones of Havas.  There is a growing awareness that the business revolution brought about by social media is bringing with it an equally transformation in the …

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What’s the real value of the We First Social Branding Seminar?

January 23, 2012 Comments

We’re now in the final week of registration for the We First Social Branding Seminar and I wanted to share some thoughts as to its real value to your business. There are so many conferences and training events to choose from, …

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Top ten ways your ads can s(m)ell like the Old Spice ads

July 19, 2010 Comments

httpv:// There is no shortage of great posts written on the deserved and phenomenal success of the Old Spice social media campaign that followed their hilarious TV. But apart from a good laugh or ten, what can we get from this …

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Celebrity to go: Personal-ilty apps that take us all to market

January 7, 2010 Comments

Just before the holiday break, Brian Solis, the highly respected PR strategist moved the blogosphere one step forward yet again. By launching his own app, he not only gave himself a powerful tool through which to interact with his community, …

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If You Want Go Viral Get Out of the Way

October 12, 2009 35 Comments

The great folks at Mashable posted this engaging viral video yesterday, rightly arguing that VW had hit the bulls-eye when creating this viral campaign. It not only confirmed their theory that making the world more fun can improve people’s behavior, …

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Rage against the ATM machine

April 9, 2009 Comments

The G20 protests across London were alarming for many reasons. Not the least of which was the role of the media. Image after image showed knots of photographers and cameramen jostling for position at the front of each march. There’s …

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