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Why Mainwaring Creative?

Mainwaring Creative provides integrated strategic and creative advertising solutions across traditional, digital and social media.

It specializes in brand triage. That means when a brand, individual or non-profit is in crisis, either because of outdated messaging, a changing marketplace or a pressing product launch, MC defines who they are, what they should say and how they should say it.

If a brand is reinventing a product, its industry or our world, MC tells its story in a way that allows it to profit and makes its contribution.

In all cases, MC creates communications that are meaningful to consumers allowing brands to be relevant, shareable and social.

MC’s overriding purpose is to enlist the best of private sector strategy, creative and technology in the service of positive social change.

Services Overview:

• Brand Definition, Core Values & Purpose

• Overarching Traditional and Social Media Strategy

• Traditional Media Creative

• Social Media Strategy and Creative

• Community Build-Out and Maintenance

Other Services:


Training and Teaching

Our Work: