Why Facebook and Instagram have a lesser margin for error with users than ever

December 21, 2012 Comments

Instagram’s unsurprising back down over changes to its Terms and Conditions is yet another example of the ongoing tension between access and privacy that pervades the social media space. Time will tell whether the concessions made by Instagram will prove …

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Here we go…opening the Social Branding Blueprint for the first time together.

November 18, 2012 Comments

This is such an exciting week as We First launches for the first time ever it’s Social Branding Blueprint that To that end We First has just launched for the first time ever its Social Branding Blueprint with a VERY …

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Here it is! A sneak peek at the Social Branding Blueprint

November 14, 2012 Comments

Here it is! A snapshot (just for the We First community) of the brand new Social Branding Blueprint that we’re launching for the first time ever tomorrow. It’s a physical and online training program that shows you how to become …

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What you must know about today’s new social marketplace, customer and marketing

November 12, 2012 Comments

If you’re a speaker, author, trainer or consultant (as I am) you’re constantly thinking of ways to grow your customers and business with a limited budget and resources. Yet the social business marketplace and technology are changing so quickly it’s …

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3 keys to social branding success for small businesses

November 5, 2012 Comments

There’s no doubt social media opens up a lot of opportunity for small businesses, but it also creates a lot of questions. Where do you start? What should you do? The answer might surprise you. The smartest brands like Nike, Coca-Cola …

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Consumers use social media to tell brands: “We want to help” (Part 2)

October 10, 2012 Comments

Social Media around the World 2012 (by InSites Consulting) from InSites Consulting Part 2 of a guest post by Steven Van Belleghem, author of The Conversation Company & The Conversation Manager. Part 1 is here. How to exploit all the possibilities of social media Here …

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Top ten ways the smartest marketers become the most ‘Liked’ brands

August 29, 2012 Comments

With so much understandable anxiety over budget allocation and concrete ROI, especially is you’re a small company, it’s valuable to study the best practices of those brands that have earned their way into the likability Hall of Fame. So here’s …

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The #1 oversight in social media community building

August 22, 2012 Comments

There are certain mainstays of social media community-building – creating content that commands or arrests the viewer’s attention, engaging them around some action or contribution motivated by shared values, and finally, rewarding them in some way that earns the participant …

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