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Why Contribute?

As founder of Mainwaring Creative (MC), I’m devoted to positive social change. I believe it’s important to contribute to the global community in ways that are meaningful to oneself and the lives of others. To that end, the MC Foundation will direct a proportion of all books sales to a cause of our choosing. The book is due for release in early 2011 and we are currently examining where those resources can offer the greatest value. As a father of two girls, I am exploring non-profits and foundations that support the education, rights and empowerment of young women around the world. The criteria is transparency and effective results that profoundly improve the lives of those it touches.

Where Does the Money Go?

The MC Foundation will disclose with full transparency what funds were allocated to the Foundation, how it was spent and what results were achieved. This is both a commitment to the needs of others and a practical exercise in social transformation that will no doubt yield valuable lessons.