How is the story of the world changing as more people use social media to tell it?

October 15, 2010 Comments

I recently had the privilege speaking at the Images and Voices of Hope World Summit. The theme was ‘Media as an Agent of Change’ and at the end of the weekend they asked several attendees to answer a simple but insightful question. I found all the answers really enlightening as everyone spoke from the vantage point of their own industry, whether it be branding, film making journalism, academia or the non-profit world. So I thought I’d share one from each. First up is Larry Kopald, a mainstay and thought leader in the social and environmental change space.


Here are thoughts by David Cohn (@digidave), founder of, a non-profit that fund raises for independent journalism.


Thirdly, is Sunjeev Chatterjee (@otherindias), documentary filmmaker and Professor at the Knight Center for International Media at the University of Miami.


And finally here are my thoughts:


Huge thanks to IVOH for their amazing work that enables the cross-pollination of ideas that is critical to finding new solutions to persistent social problems. Thanks also to the Brahma Kumaris who graciously hosted the event.

Do you agree with what’s been said? Do you think social media has an important role to play in re-writing our future?

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