Cannes Advertising Festival Social Media Seminar (video)

June 21, 2010 Comments

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Here’s a link to five minutes of video from my seminar yesterday with Alec Ross from the U.S State Dept.. The topic was: ‘The How of Social media: Make or Break Lessons in Today’s Most Powerful Instrument of Change’.  Plus a synopsis of the talk with hyperlinked case studies can be found here. Thank you again to InterCulture for making the seminar possible and to everyone who attended. It was great fun.


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  1. […] week I spoke at the Cannes International Advertising Festival and one of the things I stressed in my  social media seminar was the fact that “Technology […]

  2. […] prowess will come to bear on the marketing.7. PURPOSE AS PROFIT: One of the things I stressed in my seminar was that the future of profit is purpose. This is based on the recognition that the universal […]

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