How to blog your way to community

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Here’s the full video from the WireDrive-sponsored, Blog Out Loud, “Belong: Building a Blog Community” event. It features a series of industry panelists discussing the practice, merits and value of blogging and using social media. Here are some things we discussed:

  • Why blogging and social media channels are essential for your business
  • How to set up a blog, define a strategy and make it effective
  • Find your authentic voice and make a name for yourself and organization
  • How to transform your business without a huge marketing budget
  • Connect to community, engage your audience in conversation and encourage interaction

There was a great industry turnout in that filled the offices of our kind hosts, editorial shop Therapy. Thanks to Erika Levy and Rebecca Orlov of Blog Out Loud for organizing it all! If you have anything to add from your own experience, fire away!

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