Master the Art of Telling and Selling a Story

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Webinar (free) by Sekou Andrews – Tuesday, September 27, 2016

With the proliferation of social media channels that give us so many ways to reach our audience and inspire them to share our content, we often overlook the essential ability to tell and sell a compelling story on our feet. Whether you’re a marketer pitching to a client or a speaker commanding a stage, the ability to connect on an emotional level in a way that captures the attention and engagement of an audience is absolutely critical. To some degree, the arms-length intimacy facilitated by social media has diminished the need for marketers to master these skills, yet face time and the ability to truly connect with a room one remains an essential tool of persuasion. Doing so involves far more than just communicating insightful or substantive information. It involves connecting on a human level and engaging an audience in such a way that they feel involved in the story your sharing and motivated to change their thinking and behavior as a result.

There is no better master of such a skill than Sekou Andrews, who’s been a great friend of We First and is hosting his first-ever free webinar to share his speaking secrets on Tuesday next week. A prolific speaker on corporate stages around the world for the likes of Nike, Google, and Toyota as well as a private presenter for Maya Angelou, Hillary Clinton and Bono and as an opening performer for the TED conference, Sekou is the country’s leading spoken-word poet who blends insightful ideas with powerful language to inspire action. Having seen Sekou perform more than a dozen times, I can testify to just how powerful his command of speaking and presenting is along with his ability to win over almost any type of audience and transport them to a place where they embrace new ideas and commit new behaviors as a result.

In his upcoming webinar, Sekou will share with you the skills he’s learned from speaking on the most prestigious stages, as well as insights from a variety of professions including acting to comedy to improvisation, all of which can be brought to bear on your own presentations to ensure you’re the most effective marketer and storyteller that you can be. As a professional speaker myself and having witnessed many of the best speakers in the country, I know that Sekou is truly one of a kind and that the investment of one hour of your time will accelerate your personal and professional growth.

Date: Tuesday, September 27th

Time(s): 9:00am PST & 6:00pm PST

Register now to secure your space:


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