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Chris Crummey, World Wide Executive Director of Sales – Social Business, IBM, to speak at the We First Summit

September 18, 2014 Comments

Chris Crummey, World Wide Executive Director of Sales - Social Business, IBM, to speak at the We First SummitThere is no name more synonymous with social business than IBM and we are extremely fortunate that Chris Crummey will be sharing his expertise at the We First Brand Leadership Summit on Oct 7-8th in Los Angeles.

Chris leads a global team of thought leaders focused on the areas of social business and digital experience. He works with a wide variety of IBM’s most important clients communicating their best practices to a global customer base. His business unit generates 450 million dollars in revenue to IBM annually and represents one of the fastest growing and profitable segments of IBM software business. He also oversees an extended team consisting of more than 450 sales specialists who interface with existing and perspective IBM customers to grow their company’s revenue in the middleware market while maintaining a high-level of customer satisfaction.

It’s this expertise that Chris will bring to the two-day training event where every attendee builds a 2015 Social Branding Blueprint in the room specific to his or her business to ensure they get real value. Specifically, Chris will focus on addressing the following questions:

– How do you communicate your brands story in a way that unlocks the human being inside your employees?

– How do you inspire them to share their knowledge and collaborate with each other to add value to the company and its brand.

– How do you inspire your employees to become brand advocates that want to use their own social channels to amplify its story and build the business.

Chris Crummey, World Wide Executive Director of Sales - Social Business, IBM, to speak at the We First SummitChris is joined by global marketing leaders from Unilever, Coca-Cola, Facebook, Participant Media, Nutiva, and the UN Foundation, as well as our final addition to the line-up – Rick Ridgeway from Patagonia. All will be presenting insights and strategies to help you build your plan.

If you would like to join us at the We First Summit, register now as there are only three weeks left before the event. Enter the code IMPACT to receive a special $500 saving and remember, every registration comes with an extra ticket to invite your favorite non-profit or foundation guest for free.


The Top 10 Questions Every Brand Must Answer to Grow in 2015

September 15, 2014 Comments

The Top 10 Questions Every Brand Must Answer to Grow in 2015Every marketer faces a dizzying array of choices in terms of strategy, tactics, and tools through which to reach their customers and inspire them to buy your products. As the media landscape becomes more fractured and the tools more varied, it’s more important than ever to stay focused on the right priorities that will ensure short-term and long-term success. With that in mind here are the top ten questions every brand must answer if they hope to grow in 2015.

1. What is your brand’s purpose? Every marketer is now aware that Boomers, Millennials, and Gen Z are looking to brands to be more responsible in exchange for their product purposes. As such, a clear definition of your company purpose is critical to capturing their attention and converting their support to sales.

2. What is your brands story? Once you have defined your brand’s purpose, mission, and vision you need to be able to distil that into a brand story that employees and customers want to share. Only then will you unlock the power of social technologies to amplify your message and build your customer community.

3. How do you align your leadership, employees, and partners around that brand story? Too often marketers think only in terms of how they will share their story with customers and ignore the need to create a company culture that is in alignment with that story.

4. How do you align your corporate citizenship, sustainability and foundation efforts? For decades each one of these areas had been treated as distinct silos within a company matrix. As such, they are often insufficiently connected or aligned with a brand’s story. Only when they are all pointed in the same direction can they amplify one another to generate marketing efficiencies that improve your bottom line.

5. How do you align your company and product brand stories? Many corporate brands have chosen to remain effectively unknown and lead with their product brands. With the new demands for transparency and accountability, company brands are now rising to the challenge of defining their story and aligning their product brands within it.

6. How do you align your external marketing with your internal culture? There is nothing more destructive to a business than for a customer to discover that a brand’s marketing is very different to the customer’s experience. By extension, very easy for an employee to become disillusioned when they see that a brand is telling its customers one thing when their experience inside the company is another.

7. What strategies must you use to tell your story effectively using social technologies? Too often brands bring a broadcast and self-directed mentality to social tools that turn on dialogue, interaction, and intimacy. It’s not surprising then that they find that their employees’ time and marketing spend is wasted.

8. How must you use each social media channel to capture the attention of existing and new customers? Each channel presents a unique way to command the attention of different audiences and to inspire them to amplify the company’s brand story. Only with clear communication architecture can that story and these channels be sufficiently aligned to build the brand and its business.

9. How do you share that brands story effectively at a local level? The people closest to a community are the ones best qualified to share a story. As such, every brand faces the challenge of localizing its overarching story in a way that makes it meaningful and relevant to customers in order to win their attention and purchasing preference.

10. How do you establish your leadership at a global level? Irrespective of your company size, you can now lead a global conversation once you have clearly articulated your point of view on a given cultural conversation related to your products and their benefits. Any ambition smaller than that undervalues the reach and impact of the web, social media, and mobile phones.

Each one of these questions is important in their own right, but taken together they are critical for the short and long-term success of a brand in today’s social business marketplace.

At the 2014 We First Brand Leadership Summit on October 7-8 in Los Angeles, each attendee completes Social Branding BlueprintTM over two days that addresses all ten questions. Insights and support are provided by an incredible line-up of global marketing leaders including: Aaron Sherinian, VP of Communications and Public Relations at the United Nations Foundation; Marc Mathieu, SVP Marketing at Unilever; Christopher Crummey, World Wide Executive Director of Sales – Social Business & Exceptional Digital Experience at IBM; Rick Ridgeway, Vice President of Environmental Affairs at Patagonia; John Roulac, founder and CEO of Nutiva; Derk Hendriksen, General Manager for Coca-Cola’s EKOCENTER Project; Andy McKeon, Global Customer Marketing Lead at Facebook, and Karina Kogan, Executive Vice President, Digital for Participant Media/TakePart.

If you are interested in working with these global experts to create your social marketing plan for 2015, register for the 2014 summit at Enter the code: IMPACT to save $500 and every registration comes with a free ticket for your favorite non-profit to support their important work. Join us and ensure your employees and customers build your business with you in 2015.




Marc Mathieu, SVP of Marketing at Unilever: Keynote Speaker at 2014 We First Brand Leadership Summit­­

September 12, 2014 Comments

Marc Mathieu, SVP of Marketing at Unilever: Keynote Speaker at 2014 We First Brand Leadership Summit­­We are so excited this year that Marc Mathieu of Unilever can open the presentations at the We First Summit at the SLS Hotel, Beverly Hills, on October 7-8 in Beverly Hills.

Marc is responsible for the development of Unilever’s new marketing strategy — Crafting Brands For Life — that will support the company’s sustainability growth ambition of doubling the size of its business while reducing its environmental impact.

Prior to joining Unilever he was SVP of Global Brand Marketing at Coca-Cola, where he created the ‘Coke Side of Life’ global campaign, launched Coke Zero into 50 markets, and developed their sustainability platform, “Live positively”. He is also the co-founder of Bedo brand consultancy and sits on the Advisory Panel of the Guardian Digital and Media network, and writes regularly for Campaign magazine.

At the We First Summit, Marc will be addressing how you align your business for growth and impact in a world facing a growing number of social crises. He is an expert in defining what story a brand should tell so that it’s meaningful and relevant to the lives of its employees, partners, and customers.

Marc will be sharing a powerful message that shows how many of the social challenges we face are in fact enormous opportunities for those brands willing to rise to the challenge of uniting purpose and profit to ensure long-term success and social impact.

Here is the full line-up of speakers that will be helping you to create a social marketing roadmap for 2015 at this year’s Summit.

- Unilever: Marc Mathieu, SVP Marketing
- The Coca-Cola Company: Derk Hendrickson, GM EKOCENTERS
IBM: Chris Crummey, Worldwide Exec. Dir. of Sales
- Facebook: Andy McKeon, Global Customer Marketing Lead
- Participant Media/TakePart: Karina Kogan, EVP of Digital
- Nutiva: – John Roulac, CEO
- Patagonia: Rick Ridgeway, VP of Environmental Initiatives
- UN Foundation:  Aaron Sherinian, VP of PR & Communication
- We First:  Simon Mainwaring, Founder/Chief Creative Officer

Join Marc and the other fantastic speakers at the We First Summit by registering at Please don’t wait as there are only three weeks left to register and the event has a limit of 200 elite marketers. And don’t forget that every registration comes with a ticket for your favorite non-profit, so you can help build their social impact as well.

Enter the code: IMPACT at registration and receive $500 off your ticket and you still get to invite your favorite non-profit.




Announcing the final speaker line-up at the 2014 We First Brand Leadership Summit

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Announcing the final speaker line-up at the 2014 We First Brand Leadership Summit – join us to build your social marketing plan for 2015 together. Getting your social marketing right is no easy task with technology and consumer behavior changing …

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How Nestlé Combined Purpose and Product to Win at Social Marketing

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Nestlé India recently released a rap video featuring none other than animated super babies extolling the virtues of breastfeeding. This charming video has already captured almost 2 million views on YouTube and each of the individual characters takes on a …

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Cultural Leadership: How to Command Attention on a Global Scale

August 20, 2014 0 Comments

In our latest G+ hangout, Leveraging Cultural Conversations to Build Your Brand, Community, and Impact, we spoke with Aaron Sherinian, VP of Communication and PR for the UN Foundation (and one of our fantastic speakers at our upcoming Brand Leadership …

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Live G+ Hangout: Leveraging Cultural Conversations to Build Your Brand, Community, and Impact

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As society expects companies to be more responsible and demands demonstrable impact from both the private and non-profit sector alike, the smartest organizations are stepping up to lead cultural conversations and partner with other brands and leaders. If you are …

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How Brands And Consumers Build A Sustainable Future

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A study by Mckinsey and the CECP, Shaping the Future: Solving Social Problems through Business Strategy,  lays out four alternatives for our future: 1. Corporations respond to expectations for greater social responsibility and government allows corporations to voluntarily meet these expectations. 2. …

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