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Live G+ Hangout: Mastering the Methods, Metrics, and Madness of CSR

September 4, 2013 Comments

Follow With companies of all types facing a perfect storm of social tech, social crises, and customer activism, there’s no question that how quickly your company responds to these challenges will determine whether you survive or lead the future. But how can …


How One Comment on a Blog Post Saved a Child’s Life

August 30, 2013 Comments

Follow There’s s a very special partnership underway this August that shows you just how powerful civil society and business collaborations can be. It’s a combined effort by Walgreens, the United Nations Foundation, and Shot@Life to give the children in …


SXSW 2014: The New Breed of Brands That Will Lead the Future

August 27, 2013 Comments

Follow It’s that time of year again: the SXSW Panel Picker is live and the session I look forward to presenting is called “The New Breed of Brands That Will Lead the Future.” With companies of all types facing a …


3 Steps for Building Self-Sustaining Customer Communities

August 20, 2013 Comments

Follow Most brands fail to build a self-sustaining customer community because they only reach out to their customers when they want something. Too many brands only connect when they need to push a specific product or offer- and then they …


Empowering Employees With Social Storytelling is Key to Company Growth

August 12, 2013 Comments

Follow Here’s one of the most common reasons companies fail to keep growing after they achieve some success: They fail to take their employees with them. As your company reaches scale and an expanding base of employees becomes your front …


What Steve Jobs Knew About the Importance of Values to Your Company

August 6, 2013 Comments

Follow The future of profit is purpose. We say this often at We First, but this is something Steve Jobs understood so well, almost 20 years ago. Always a visionary, Jobs was already living in Marketing 3.0 where marketing is …


The No.1 Marketing Mistake: An Undefined Brand is Unshareable

July 30, 2013 Comments

Follow “Nothing seems more obvious to me that a product or service only becomes a brand when it is imbued with profound values that translate into fact.” – Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group From F500s to startups, we see …


Come Celebrate: We First is 2 Years Old!

July 25, 2013 Comments

Follow It’s hard to believe but We First is officially 2 years old this week! We want to give everyone a chance to celebrate with us, so read on for a special gift and invitation below… The We First book …



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