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Why timing means everything to the success of your brand

March 15, 2012 Comments

In this age of real-time social and customer engagement I wanted to share two charts that dramatically demonstrate how important timing is to the success of your brand from both a macro and micro perspective.

The first is a chart for Linked In Analytics that breaks out the growing and shrinking industries as defined by the volume of jobs added or lost. Of particular interest is the relative position of each industry. I would encourage you to examine the list and consider what place your brand occupies as defined by the specific mix of skills, services and technologies you offer.

Clearly it’s far better to find yourself in the upper right hand corner with a sizable circle indicating growth industries. If you find yourself in the lower right, it is worthwhile considering the prospects on your company in terms of larger macro-economic forces at work and the way technology is changing business. As any entrepreneur (billionaire or otherwise) will tell you, timing is everything in terms of what companies and industries explode and charts such as these give us a window into shifts that shape our success and futures.


The second chart from U.S. Net habits data illustrates in simple terms how the seconds that a web page takes to load impacts customer abandonment. A few facts jump out:

- 1 in 4 Americans abandon a page takes longer than 4 seconds to load.

- 4 in 10 Americans abandon a mobile shopping site that takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

- 5 in 10 mobile users abandon a web page if it doesn’t load in under 10 seconds.

As Fast Company notes, this means just one extra second in page load time could cost Amazon $1.6 billion in sales a year. Or for Google, by slowing search results by just 1/4 of a second they could lose the ad revenue on 8 million searches a day.

So no matter what your industry is, what your brand stands for, or how smart your marketing is, never lose site of the fact that capturing your customer’s attention is hard, but losing it can be even more costly.

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Invisible Children, social media & how you can save the lives of children

March 8, 2012 Comments

This is an important film and I hope you share it. It is unconscionable as a father and a man that children are subjected to such unspeakable treatment. It’s also a chance for us to help just by sharing this film. By making Joseph Kony famous for his actions. By using the tools we enjoy every day to talk about our holidays, what we bought and what is new, to raise awareness of these crimes against children. This is a chance to show (extra)ordinary people using technology to work together to change their lives and our world.

Here is their webiste with an action kit and here is the film on YouTube also. Finally, follow Invisible Children on twitter here.


What technology has in mind for your brand’s future

March 5, 2012 Comments

Every corporation, start-up and non-profit faces multiple challenges today, most pressing of which is the pace of changing technology. But just as important is the ability to imagine what possibilities new mobile, gaming and social technologies all unlock for your business, brand and social impact.

With this challenge in mind, I wanted to share three examples of emerging technologies that will change our world. Part fact, part fiction, each turns on technology that is already in the making and shall be shortly coming to market. So here goes.

With the imminent launch of the iPad 3, I wanted to share this vision of what it may look like and do. The point is not to guess whether this is accurate or not but to consider what such possibilities could unlock for your business.

The second video is a vision of the future of smart glass by Corning. The glass projects a future of collaboration, creativity and connection that seems impossible today but that is almost here.

Finally, we have the much hyped Google Googles or glasses that hold the promise of an augmented reality experience or streaming data right before your eyes.

After watching these two videos, ask yourself:

  • How could I use such technology in my business?
  • How could it scale my brand awareness?
  • How can I use each of these technologies to rbetter serve my customers?
  • How could I use it to increase the positive social impact of my brand?
  • How can they be used to shape our world?




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