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Why you need more than good intentions to build a purposeful brand

May 10, 2012 Comments

Reading Time: 2 minutesFollow One of the most encouraging trends in today’s social business marketplace is the demonstration of greater social responsibility by brands. At one extreme you see large brands showing a greater commitment to their purpose, and at the other a …


What Facebook is worth to your business and brand

May 8, 2012 Comments

Reading Time: 2 minutesFollow As the Facebook IPO Roadshow shifts into high gear, it seems relevant to consider exactly what value Facebook can offer your brand and business. While the addition of Instagram and Glancee has done much to sure up their mobile …


Biz Stone on the powerful role of social media in business and social change

May 2, 2012 Comments

Reading Time: 2 minutesFollow Yesterday, I had the pleasure of speaking in New Orleans at the First Data conference. It was a fantastic event and the other speaker was Biz Stone, the co-founder of Twitter, who said something that struck me deeply. He …


When virtual worlds collide: Facebook meets 3D shopping

April 24, 2012 Comments

Reading Time: 2 minutesFollow If brands and ad agencies were already struggling to create seamless, real-time shopping experiences built around customers’ multi-screen lifestyles, their work just got harder. It is one thing to migrate seamlessly between the on and offline world across multiple …


The future of TV, advertising and social media by Dan Wieden

April 20, 2012 Comments

Reading Time: 1 minutesFollow Having had the privilege of working at Wieden & Kennedy in Portland for several years on Nike, there’s little else that I could offer that has more value than the insights of Dan Wieden himself. We celebrated the 30th …


Looking behind the brand for what it takes to succeed

April 12, 2012 Comments

Reading Time: 1 minutesFollow I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed on Behind the Brand with Bryan Elliott. The show is designed to help brands and entrepreneurs build their businesses. Here we discuss the future of social branding, and below are two …


Social media seen through Google’s augmented reality lens

April 6, 2012 Comments

Reading Time: 1 minutesFollow The release of this video from Google gives us a glimpse of what life might look like through the lens of Google’s augmented reality glasses. It poses as many questions as it answers but as you watch the video, …


The purpose and practice of internal social media

April 3, 2012 Comments

Reading Time: 2 minutesFollow There’s a powerful transition underway in which companies are now seeking to leverage the same dynamics they’re using to reach customers to engage their employees. Gagen MacDonald and APCO Worldwide have done some great new research in this area …



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