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The expanding Social TV landscape and where your brand fits in

June 18, 2012 Comments

Reading Time: 2 minutesFollow A few weeks ago I shared an infographic of the social media landscape so that we can all consider our place and future in it. The impact of that inforgraphic is compounded when you consider the explosion of the …


Huge thanks on our one year anniversary

June 14, 2012 Comments

Reading Time: 2 minutesFollow At the risk of sounding like an old man, it’s amazing how time flies. It’s a year to the day that We First, the book, came out, and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their …


Why consumers will trump advertisers (and why Facebook has it right)

June 11, 2012 Comments

Reading Time: 2 minutesFollow The recent Facebook/GM arm wrestle just prior to the Facebook IPO raised an important issue as to whether Facebook should reformat its advertising to suit marketers or continue to let users drive its advertising. I believe Facebook has it …


The key to transformative customer service

June 6, 2012 Comments

Reading Time: 1 minutesFollow It is fitting that perhaps the most distilled articulation of the key to successful customer service should come from Mahatma Gandhi himself, as an extension of the life of service (in a larger sense) that he led. There is …


Learning and insights from Coca-Cola’s ‘Arctic Home’

June 3, 2012 Comments

Reading Time: 2 minutesFollow Last week I had the pleasure of listening to a joint session between Coca-Cola and WWF at the Cause Marketing Forum in Chicago. As anyone who noticed the white Arctic Home Coca-Cola cans will tell you, the campaign to protect and restore polar bear habitat …


Ten technology trends that are already reshaping your business

May 30, 2012 Comments

Reading Time: 2 minutesFollow As social media matures, apps proliferate and new enterprise platforms appear everyday, it’s almost impossible to track with all the changes let alone integrate them into your company. With that in mind I felt it might be useful to distill …


Top 5 reasons Facebook will become an E-commerce giant and Top 5 reasons it won’t

May 25, 2012 Comments

Reading Time: 2 minutesFollow Yesterday it was announced that Karma, Facebook’s new gift app, will be instrumental in its e-commerce success. No doubt social data is an incredibly powerful e-commerce tool yet there are many reasons both for and against for arguing that …


Today’s social media landscape and where you fit in

May 21, 2012 Comments

Reading Time: 1 minutesFollow When you look at this rather frightening infographic of social media landscape from Buddy Media/Luma, it’s easy to feel lost and overwhelmed. And it’s true that each day presents new opportunities and complexities for social media engagement and management. …



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