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How social listening serves customers and saves lives

March 27, 2012 Comments

Reading Time: 1 minutesFollow I recently took a tourĀ of Dell’s state-of-the-art Social Listening Center. You’ll see the various tools, filters and tracking that Dell does to stay on top of discussions about their brand and provide superior customer service. They have been leading …


Robert Tercek: The rising impact of social media, big data and media disruption

March 21, 2012 Comments

Reading Time: 1 minutesFollow I was so thrilled when Robert Tercek kindly agreed to speak at the We First seminar. His talk was inspiring, confronting, educational, and rousing in equal measure. Everyone loved it and got so much out of it. For those …


How brands build goodwill by supporting good work

March 19, 2012 Comments

Reading Time: 2 minutesFollow I am a huge champion of brands supporting non-profits because both parties benefit so handsomely. For brands, the goodwill, loyalty and profit this inspires is invaluable in a marketplace where companies must prove themselves to be more meaningful …


Why timing means everything to the success of your brand

March 15, 2012 Comments

Reading Time: 2 minutesFollow In this age of real-time social and customer engagement I wanted to share two charts that dramatically demonstrate how important timing is to the success of your brand from both a macro and micro perspective. The first is a …


Invisible Children, social media & how you can save the lives of children

March 8, 2012 Comments

Reading Time: 1 minutesFollow This is an important film and I hope you share it. It is unconscionable as a father and a man that children are subjected to such unspeakable treatment. It’s also a chance for us to help just by sharing …


What technology has in mind for your brand’s future

March 5, 2012 Comments

Reading Time: 1 minutesFollow Every corporation, start-up and non-profit faces multiple challenges today, most pressing of which is the pace of changing technology. But just as important is the ability to imagine what possibilities new mobile, gaming and social technologies all unlock for …


Let Go & Lead: How to engage customers in the social business marketplace

March 1, 2012 Comments

Reading Time: 1 minutesFollow Simon Mainwaring: On Engagement in the Social Marketplace from Let Go & Lead on Vimeo. I recently had the privilege of being included in Gagen MacDonald’s fantastic ‘Let Go & Lead’ project and the interview just came out so …


Facebook & Twitter to Madison Avenue: Your future is social

February 29, 2012 Comments

Reading Time: 2 minutesFollow In the run-up to the Facebook IPO a day doesn’t pass without another announcement as to how social networks are monetizing the valuable personal data banks they oversee. A boon for marketers, these ad platforms inspire further privacy concerns …



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