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Will social media tear the top down or lift the bottom up?

August 10, 2011 Comments

Reading Time: 2 minutesFollow Over the last eighteen months we have seen a remarkable series of events that have been driven in part by social media. Protests during the Arab Spring revolutions in Tunisia, Bahrain, Yemen and Saudi Arabia, as well as those that continue today …


Why America’s Triple A rating remains unchanged

August 8, 2011 Comments

Reading Time: 2 minutesFollow The Standard & Poor’s credit rating downgrade of the U.S. currency has already begun to have its effects on stock markets at home and around the world and much is being written about what this means for the future …


Wine to Water: How pragmatism can change our world

August 5, 2011 Comments

Reading Time: 2 minutesFollow I had the privilege of seeing CNN hero Doc Henley speak at the National Speakers Association Influence ’11 event on Monday. Not only was his cause and message incredibly important but I was struck by Doc’s authenticity and full-body …


The power of community and contribution for small brands

August 3, 2011 Comments

Reading Time: 2 minutesFollow Yesterday I had the great pleasure of speaking at the National Speaker’s Association for the first time. I met so many amazing people and quickly realized that I was in the company of hundreds of small brands each working …


Fueling the Future: What’s shaping branding, advertising and social media

August 1, 2011 Comments

Reading Time: 3 minutesFollow David Shing, Digital Prophet at AOL kindly included me in Adweek and AOL’s  ‘Fueling the Future’ blog series a few weeks ago at the 2011 Cannes International Advertising Festival. He fired off a few questions about what look interesting in …


Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good: Putting products to good use for others and themselves

July 28, 2011 Comments

Reading Time: 2 minutesFollow Creating a shift in the practice of capitalism requires a re-framing of thinking and behavior. Often, when you talk exclusively about the changes in corporate thinking, people rightly ask for concrete, actionable examples. When you talk exclusively about practical …


Beyond Google+: From circles to social cartography

July 27, 2011 Comments

Reading Time: 3 minutesFollow One of the most fascinating aspects about the launch of Google+ is the way it reframes how we, as individuals, interact with our communities. As Brian Solis so rightly points out, the initial Facebook model of creating a single …


Reinventing your brand to meet a changing marketplace

July 25, 2011 Comments

Reading Time: 1 minutesFollow Not since the digital revolution in the early 90’s has technology placed such a comprehensive burden on business, employees and individuals to reinvent their business plans, services and products, and themselves to keep pace with the changing marketplace. The …



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